ICP3000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer

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  • Over 70 elements can be measured
  • Stabilized Echelle optical system
  • Excellent detection limits, at ppb level for most elements
  • Wide linear dynamic range, from ppb to percentage
  • Real time operating monitor by software with build-in protection logic program
  • Rare earth metal
  • Silicon materials, magnetic materials processing industry
  • Metallurgical industry: analysis of impurity elements influencing the quality of metal materials. Water quality control
  • Petrochemical: measurements of more than 30 elements in crude oil
  • Pharmacy, hygiene, agriculture, environmental protection, commodities and food industry
Performance Characteristics
  • Advanced optical design with a fully illuminated holographic grating, with spectral interference correction and high light throughput for improved detection limits
  • Wide wavelength range
  • Computer controlled plasma platform optimizes the viewing position to reduce interferences, improve SNR and minimize background emissions
  • Software controlled flow of carrier gas, plasma gas and auxiliary gas provide real time monitor as well as highly stability of flux
  • The torch position can be adjusted electrically, and the software has the automatic torch position optimization function
  • Sample waste drained by peristaltic pump ensures stable sample flow rate; Fast pump mode improves productivity
  • Rapid and accurate automatic coupling system ensures the ultimate power transfer efficiency and stability
Solid State Power (RF) Frequency 27.12MHz
Frequency stability ≤ 0.05%
Output power 700W ~ 1600W, continuously adjustable with power efficiency more than 65%
Output power stability < 0.1%
Inlet system Automizer Concentric atomizer
Multichannel 12-roller peristaltic pump, with less data fluctuation caused by different physical properties of samples
Mass flowrate controller for carrier gas flow control. It can be regulated by 0.01L continuously. Mass flowrate controller for cooling gas and auxiliary gas flow control. It can be regulated by 0.1L continuously.
Optical System Optical type Echelle and prism dimensional spectroscopic system
CID Inherent anti-blooming capability, megapixel, large size surface 28 x 28mm. NDRO/FF/RAI
Resolution 0.0068nm at 200nm
Grating specification 52.67 L/mm and 50mm x 100mm of ruling area
Spectral range 165 ~ 900nm
Focal length 440 mm
Technical Specifications Suitable sample content range Liquid sample: 0.01ppm~ several thousands ppm
Solid or powder sample: 0.001% ~ 70%
Repeatability Short-term stability, RSD ≤ 0.5%
Long-term stability: RSD < 2%
Limits of detection (LOD, μg/L) for typical elements As low as 0.1