Company Profile

Angstrom Advanced Inc., founded in 2007 in Boston, MA USA, has been bringing forth the latest advancements in a variety of technology fields and has recently added the clean-energy sector to its portfolio. Angstrom was founded by a group of engineers that realized the importance of research and development for the better of mankind. In recent news, clean energy has become one of the main daily topics of discussion. With our research starting with ellipsometers and the field of coated layers on PV cells, Angstrom decided to take it a step further and bring to you a new line of leading clean energy products. We understand that change is one of those things that is hard to get a nice grasp of and embrace, so at Angstrom we hope to teach you the simplicity and affordability of helping this planet with just an easy step as a phone call to us. Our dream at Angstrom is to bring the earth to a cleaner, healthier state at rates that everyone can afford.

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