ICP1000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer

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  • Over 70 elements can be measured
  • Excellent detection limits, at ppb level for most elements
  • Wide linear dynamic range, reaching 6 orders of magnitude, from ppb to percentage
  • Rare earth metal
  • Silicon materials, magnetic materials processing industry
  • Metallurgical industry: analysis of impurity elements influencing the quality of metal materials. Water quality control
  • Petrochemical: measurements of more than 30 elements in crude oil
  • Pharmacy, hygiene, agriculture, environmental protection, commodities and food industry
Performance Characteristics
  • Advanced optical design with a fully illuminated holographic grating, with spectral interference correction and high light throughput for improved detection limits
  • Wide wavelength range
  • Computer controlled plasma platform optimizes the viewing position to reduce interferences, improve SNR and minimize background emissions
  • Software controlled flow of carrier gas, plasma gas and auxiliary gas provide real time monitor as well as highly stability of flux
  • Various types of touches, nebulizer as well as spray chamber are optional
  • Sample waste drained by peristaltic pump ensures stable sample flow rate; Fast pump mode improves productivity
  • Rapid and accurate automatic coupling system ensures the ultimate power transfer efficiency and stability
Solid State Power (RF) Frequency 27.12MHz
Frequency stability ≤ 0.05%
Output power 800W ~ 1600W, continuously adjustable with power efficiency more than 65%
Output power stability < 0.3%
Electromagnetic leakage radiation intensity E < 2V/m at 30cm distance from equipment
Electronic Measurement & Control Circuit Detector Photomultiplier tube PMT Detector
Negative high voltage 0 ~ 1100 V
Circuit measuring range 10-12 ~ 10-4 A
Signal acquisition VF conversion 1mV – 100Hz
Inlet system Automizer Concentric atomizer
Peristaltic pump: three-channel automatic type, support continuously adjusted rotate speed.
Argon for carrier gas, auxiliary gas and Plasma gas
Total gas consumption < 14L/min
Monochromator Optical type Czerny turner
Focal length 1000mm
Resolution <0.008nm
Grating specification Huge holographic rating with 3600L/mil or 2400 L/mil and 80mm x 110mm of ruling area
Wavelength range 195 ~ 500nm for 3600 line grating
195 ~ 800 nm for 2400 line grating
Technical Specifications Suitable sample content range Liquid sample: 0.01ppm~ several thousands ppm
Solid or powder sample: 0.001% ~ 70%
Repeatability Short-term stability, RSD ≤ 1.5%
Long-term stability: RSD < 2%
Limits of detection (LOD, μg/L) for typical elements 1ppb ~ 10ppb