AAS320 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

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Basic Characteristics

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) is for determining the concentration of a particular metal(element) in a sample. AAS can be used to analyze the concentration of over 62 different metals.

  • Build-in computer data processing and LCD: adopting highly integrated micro digital circuit, which is stable and reliable with the functions of: integral holding, peak height and area, auto zero adjusting, deuterium lamp and background, multi-linear and nonlinear curves fitting, various parameters and working curves displayed in screen and report printing, etc. It is equipped with interface for externally linking PC.
  • Good basic line stability: Double-beam system can automatically compensate the light source drift and wavelength drift caused by the variation of temperature (with the function of the eliminating the affection of wavelength drift on the base line stability) and electronic circuit drift so as to reach a good basic line stability. There is no need to pre-heat the cathode lamp and sample can be analyzed immediately. It is the preferable instrument to conduct analysis of multiple kinds of elements and fast analysis of samples.
  • High precision of measurement: Gas path system is equipped with precision pressure stabilizing and current stabilizing devices to reach stable flame and low noise. Specially designed fine light beam passes through the flame, to ensure a high precision analytical test and low characteristic concentration.
  • Optical path of high energy: A total reflection system is adopted to eliminate color difference in full range. By means of chemical conversion, a round light spot of the light source becomes a long light spot, which enters into the slit. Therefore the light flux of double beam is enhanced.
  • Long-life and anti-corrosive atomization system: The burner is made of titanium alloys, anti-corrosive and fast thermal equilibrium. It meets the requirement of measurement sensitivity without water-cooling.
  • Multi-functional analysis mode: for methods of flame absorption, flame emission, graphite furnace atomic absorption (with AS-3020 automatic sample feeder installed) and hydride generation.
  • Safe and reliable gas path system: Special devices of quick gas conversion and safety protection can be used to analyze air-acetylene flame as well as nitrous oxide-acetylene flame and extend the analytic elements to reach more than 60.
  • Complete set of accessories are supplied together with the instrument after the purchase of the instrument.
Main Technical Indicators
  • Working spectral range:
          190nm ~ 900nm
  • Wavelength accuracy:
           ≤ ±0.5nm
  • Wavelength repeatability:
           ≤ 0.3nm (single direction)
  • Spectrum bandwidth:
    0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.7nm, 1.4nm, 2.4nm, 5.0nm
  • Resolution:
          < 40%.
  • Base line stability:
           ≤ 0.004Abs/30min
  • Characteristic concentration:
          Characteristic concentration of copper ≤ 0.04µg/ml/1%
  • Detection limit:
          Detection limit of copper ≤ 0.008μg/ml
  • Background calibration ability:
          Greater than 30 times.
AAS320 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Light-source system Hollow cathode lamp power supply: with adjustable current Deuterium Lamp power supply: with fixed current 
Optical system Double beam total refection system, C-T type monochromator Flashing wavelength: 250nm
Flame atomization system Inter-changeable titanium alloy burner of 10cm and 5cm slits. Gas path is equipped with pressure indication, high precision voltage stabilizing flow adjustment, fast conversion of air and nitrous oxide, gas supply cut off, power cut off, prevention of flashback and logic interlock protection devices.    
Signal processing Build-in microprocessor and LCD. Signal amplifying modes: absorptance, concentration, emission and emission concentration; Standard curves: linear regression, curve fitting and multi-point standard calibration. Average value, standard deviation, relative standard deviation and correlation coefficient can be worked out. Standard curves, atomic absorption peak diagram, spectrum outline sketch data as well as instrument parameters list and analytical reports can be displayed and printed out.
Standby Interface RS 232 or USB
Instrument Dimension 1000mm × 530mm × 425mm
Instrument Weight 130kg
AAS320 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Accessory  Model AAS320
Main accessories supplied with the instrument Several decades of accessories including air compressor, printer, one piece of (Zn/Cu) and K. Gas external pipe, acetylene cylinder pressure-reducing valve and water knockout gas filter.
A320N Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Options  Model AAS320
AS3020 graphite furnace automatic sample feeder Used to improve automation and measurement precision
HGA graphite furnace system Used to conduct trace and ultra-trace analysis with an absolute sensitivity of 10-10-10-12 gram.
5cm long-life titanium burner The necessary accessory for nitrous oxide-acetylene flame analysis.
Hydride generator (Totally automatic) Making the characteristic concentration of As, Se, Sb, Bi, Pb, Sn, Te, Ge, In, Tl, Cd and Zn lower than ppb level with cold atomic mercury measurement method.
Nitrous oxide generator (Totally automatic) The necessary accessory for nitrous oxide-acetylene flame analysis.
Hollow cathode lamp All specifications are available.
Graphite tube All specifications are available.