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HGH3000/5000 Hydrogen Generator

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The HGH3000 and HGH5000 have been designed to supply the highest purified hydrogen and it meets high levels of expectations in the demanding markets. The internal mechanisms that run this generator are integrated with the latest electrolytic cell technology, using stainless steel alloy as its hard body. The new ergonomic design and user-friendly interface have been modified for comfort and reliability for the consumer.

  • The HGH3000/5000 hydrogen generator can be used to replace the conventional high-pressure steel tank.
  • With an upgraded operating system, the HGH3000/HGH5000 hydrogen generator has been modified to a simple plug and play operation to generate hydrogen gas with a stable output flux.
  • The components operating the HGH3000/5000 hydrogen generators, adopted the tube-design electrolytic cell specifications with multi-orifice distribution. This operation has been engineered to store liquid, produce hydrogen and emit hydrogen and oxygen respectively and simultaneously; without influencing the circulation of the electrolyte. The Plate-shaped electrolytic cell is an optimal substitute allowing a large mass-flow output of high purity gas with low temperatures in the large area.
  • The HGH3000/5000 hydrogen generators are equipped with anti-back streaming operation, preventing liquid from flowing back and reducing the replacement of the silica gel.
  • HGH3000/5000 hydrogen generators are with a guarantee of assuring reliability and its purity levels of hydrogen.
  • To operate and create hydrogen, HGH3000/5000 hydrogen generator needs Distilled Water; periodically determined by the user operations.
Type HGH3000 HGH5000
Technical Parameter Purity (%) Working Pressure (MPa) Flux (ml/min) Purity (%) Working Pressure (MPa) Flux (ml/min)
99.996 0 ~ 0.4 0 ~ 3000 99.996 0 ~ 0.4 0 ~ 5000
Voltage of Power Supply VAC 220V ± 10%; 50HZ ± 5% VAC 110V ± 10%; 60HZ ± 5%
Environment Temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity ≤ 85%
Environment Condition Without large quantity of dust and caustic gas
Maximum Power 1500W 2500W