Knowledge base: Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Probe Microscope

Angstrom Advanced Inc. offers a wide variety of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM's) to suit your research needs. Angstrom Advanced Inc. instruments are specifically designed with versatility in mind and can be expanded to meet new research demands. Years of innovation and design have lead to the Angstrom Advanced Inc. AFMs leading the industry in high-precision, low noise, low drift and measurements, which deliver artifact-free images in minutes. Functionality, usability and precise results combined with large sample platforms which save time and hassle. Angstrom Advanced AFM scientists and technical support staff provide premier service world wide to assist in much needed research.

AFM Scanners

The sample is placed on the Piezo Electric Scanner and is scanned under a stationary cantalever tip (there are AFM models in which the tip is scanned over a stationary sample). The PES is a very precise component and is able to accuratly move the sample through a scan (a back and forth raster pattern) of only a few hundred nanometers. Scanners are made of piezo tubes and are steady held in the SPM base.Voltage applied to piezoelectric scanner tube housed inside moves sample precise increments back and forth. Size at bottom indicates maximum size scan possible,each scanner has its own specified parameters.
Samples are held in place on the scanner with a removable cap.Piezo scanner can extend and retract 3-dimentionally based on the applied X, Y and Z voltage placed across the individual elements.