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Nitrogen Generating Plant by Membrane Separation

Nitrogen Generating Plant by Membrane Separation

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The compressed air compressor filter into the polymer membrane filters, a variety of gas in the film in the solubility and proliferation of
different factors, leading to different gases in the membrane penetration rate in a relatively different. According to the characteristics,
various gases can be divided into "rapid gas" and "slow gas". After being compacted and purified (to remove oil, water and dust) the air
will enter the membrane separation to separate. First, the O2, CO2 and some vapor will infiltrate into the membrane wall and then exit
through the discharge port by air pressure; since the infiltrating speed of N2 is slower, it will flow out from the gas collector at the end of
the pressure box and finally enter nitrogen buffer tank.


N2 capacity 1-1000 Nm3/h
N2 purity % >95-99.999%
Dew Point -40C
Work pressure 0-2.0 MPa


-Controlled and managed by computers, can run automatically without any supervision.
-Simple start-up and shut-down procedure; in less than 2 minutes the system reaches normal and stable gas supply.
-No moving parts and minimal maintenance is required.
-Lightweight, with compact structure and small coverage.
-Free adjustment of purity between 95% and 99.999% via flow
-Based on users on-site configuration, Nitrogen systems of different specifications are available; join-up with other nitrogen purifying devices
is also possible.