Knowledge base: Nitrogen Generating Plant

Angstrom Advanced is the leading supplier of Nitrogen Generators for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial applications. Our services for Hydrogen Generating Plant projects typically include conceptual design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, start-up and operational training. We provide a lump-sum, turnkey solution, handling everything from concept to start-up with our own resources whenever possible.

Nitrogen Generator Carbon Molecular Sieve

PSA nitrogen generator uses carbon molecular sieve as sorbent, produces nitrogen by making use of the PSA principle. Under certain pressure, carbon molecular sieve has different oxygen/nitrogen adsorption capacity, i.e. much more oxygen adsorption capacity than nitrogen adsorption capacity.PLC controls pneumatic valve on/off to realize two towers alternate adsorption and desorption as per pressure change, carries out oxygen/nitrogen separation and produces nitrogen with desired purity.
This system generates nitrogen by separating nitrogen and oxygen in from air.
CMS (Activated Carbon Molecular Sieve) is a specially treated material that is used in separating air.

Figure 3-1: Activated Carbon Molecular Sieve(CMS)

The distance of CMS is between the nitrogen molecules and oxygen molecules, this is the main cause of oxygen molecules are smaller and lighter than nitrogen molecule. This leads to the Oxygen molecules to be absorbed first by the Carbon Molecular Sieve.