Knowledge base: Hydrogen Generating Plant

Angstrom Advanced is the leading supplier of Hydrogen Generators for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial applications. Our services for Hydrogen Generating Plant projects typically include conceptual design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, start-up and operational training. We provide a lump-sum, turnkey solution, handling everything from concept to start-up with our own resources whenever possible.

Hydrogen Plant H2/O2 separator

Hydrogen and oxygen come separately into H2 separator and O2 separator, where they are cooled by cooling water and separated from the mixture of gas-lye by gravity. After that H2 gas come into the H2 washer for lye drop to be removed which is contained in gas by DM water, at the same time the gas is cooled by coil-piped cooler which is erected in the washer. Finally, the hydrogen through the demister which locates at the top of washer to eliminate the water drop, then flows into the hydrogen drying unit via pneumatic valve for further purification. Oxygen processing will be expelled to atmosphere.