Knowledge base: Hydrogen Generating Plant

Angstrom Advanced is the leading supplier of Hydrogen Generators for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial applications. Our services for Hydrogen Generating Plant projects typically include conceptual design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, start-up and operational training. We provide a lump-sum, turnkey solution, handling everything from concept to start-up with our own resources whenever possible.

Hydrogen Generator Cooling Water

Cooling water serves for the following purposes:

A) Cooling the SCR element in the rectifier

B) Cooling the lye by means of the lye coolers inside of H2/O2 separators and hence the operation temperature of electrolyzer is to be controlled in the range of 80-90 Celsius degrees

C) Cooling hydrogen and oxygen by the cooler in washer and their temperature at the outlet of cooler is not more than 40 Celsius degrees at the outlet of H2 washer