Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Probe Microscope

Angstrom Advanced Inc. offers a wide variety of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM's) to suit your research needs. Angstrom Advanced Inc. instruments are specifically designed with versatility in mind and can be expanded to meet new research demands. Years of innovation and design have lead to the Angstrom Advanced Inc. AFMs leading the industry in high-precision, low noise, low drift and measurements, which deliver artifact-free images in minutes. Functionality, usability and precise results combined with large sample platforms which save time and hassle. Angstrom Advanced AFM scientists and technical support staff provide premier service world wide to assist in much needed research.

Atomic Force Microscope and Scanning Force Microscope Head

AFM Head holds the following components:
XY Translation Stage: Holds probe head, movable in XY direction by XY translation screws and in Z direction by controls in software
Position Sensitive Photo detector (PSPD): Detects laser deflections, which is then converted into a topographical map
PSPD adjustment screws: controls position of PSPD; screw on left controls up and down adjustment; screw on right controls left right adjustment
Laser Beam Steering Screws: controls position of laser on back of cantilever