Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-1001 Image Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-1001 intelligent powder characteristic tester makes physical properties measurement into the age of science, intelligent and precision.

ABT-1600 Image Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-1600 is a multi-functional image particle analysis system which includes image distribution test and particle shape analysis.

ABT-1700 filter paper cleanliness Analyzer

ABT-1700 filter paper cleanliness analysis system (hereinafter referred to as ABT-1700) is an automated image analysis system for residual particles on the filter paper.

ABT-2000 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-2000 is an intelligent particle size analyzer that adopts dual lens technology, which has particular functions of auto test, auto alignment, auto water supply, auto drainage, auto bubble removing, auto cleaning etc.

ABT-2001 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Fast speed, easy operation and good repeatability, ABT-2001 is an ideal particle size testing instrument for CWM producer and user.

ABT-2900 Image Particle Size & Shape Analysis System

ABT-2900 dry image particle size and shape analysis system mainly applies to the analysis fields of particle size and particle shape of coarse and granular material.

ABT-3000 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-3000 Laser Particle Size Analyzer is an upgrade mode of ABT-2000.

ABT- 9300ST Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-9300ST is an intelligent dual lens particle size analyzer which adopts integrated design, and all of the operations can be completed automatically under the control of the computer. It has particular functions included auto test, auto alignment, auto water supply, auto drainage, auto bubble removing, auto cleaning, etc.

ABT-9000 NANO Laser Particle Size Analyzer

ABT-9000 dynamic light scattering nano laser particle size analyzer identifies validated dynamic light scattering signals, and then uses inversion processing of software, equation of Stokes´╝ŹEinstein to calculate the nano particle diameter and its particle size distribution.