Model 22 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
The model 22 is a simple single beam spectrophotometer. The wavelength is set manually from the dial on the front panel. Direct readout of Transmission or Absorption shows on the LED display. Measured values can be transferred to a PC via the RS232 link for further analysis. Low price and simple design make this instrument ideal for education or routine analysis.

  • Simple & clear keyboard operation provides auto 0%T & 100%T adjustment, error-free T/A transformation, factor setting and direct concentration readout functions.
  • Software package provides basic functionality for manipulating spectroscopic data, calculating concentrations and transferring the information to spreadsheets

Wavelength Range 340~1000nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability 1nm
Photometric Range 0.0~199.9%T
Spectral Slit Width 6 nm
Transmittance Accuracy ± 0.5%T
Transmittance Repeatability 0.3%T
Stray Light < 0.2%T (NaNO2)