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Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Generating Plant

Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Generating Plant

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Angstrom Advanced Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Plant by Cryogenic Technology are top of the line systems.Our Generator applications range
from 5-10000 liters of Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen per hour and 1-500 Liquid Argon per hour.
Cryogenic Engine features Fully Automatic G-M cold head with integral controls. Includes high efficiency frequency drive with water cooling
or optional air cooling. Fully automatic PLC based controls provide many features and modes including auto start, timed run,auto purge, etc.
Optional Chiller can be attached to liquefier unit when ordered at time of fabrication to allow continious operation up to 45 C


N2 capacity 1-10,000 L/h
N2 purity % Greater than 99.9999%
O2 capacity 1-10,000 L/h
O2 purity % Greater than 99.9995%
Argon capacity 1-500 L/h
Argon purity % Greater than 99.9999%
Input Air pressure 0-2 MPa
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Temperature -195 degrees C
Work pressure 0-2 MPa