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HYA-2L (5L) and HYA-10L (20L) Air Generator
The HYA series air generators (HYA-2L, HYA-5L, HYA-10L and HYA-20L) use air pumps that feature low noise and large flow rate. The gas route system adopts two levels of pressure stabilizers and over-pressure protectors to improve the stability of gas flow and ensure the safety and reliability of the gas production. The HYA Air Generators are also equiped with water and dust filtering. The gas tank is made of stainless steel instead of traditional carbon steel and is helpful for improving purity of the produced gas. The HYA series air generators are ideal for the Gas Chromatograph and other Lab instruments.

  • The usage of stainless gas tank can prevent rusting that happens with carbon steel gas tanks.
  • The cleaning system, which is made up of active charcoal room, filters and a moisture separator, improves the purity of the produced air.
  • The adoption of an additional voltage stabilizer improves the steadiness of gas pressure.
  • The usage of an air pressure protector ensures the safety and reliability of air production.
Purity of produced air There is no tertiary purification of oil
Output flow HYA- 2L 0-2L/min
HYA- 5L 0-5L/min
HYA-10L 0-10L/min
HYA-20L 0-20L/min
Output pressure 0 ~ 0.4 MPa
Noise ≤42 dB
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Working enviroment Temperature: 10-40 °C;
Relative Humidity: ≤ 70%;
under required air cleaness and concentration of corrosive gas.
Maximal Power Consumption HYA-2L 150w; HYA-5L 200w; HYA-10L 330w; HYA-20L 560w
Dimension (L×W×H, all in mm) HYA-2L(5L) 435×235×350
HYA-10L(20L) 550×250×400
Weight 16kg