This is a complete isocratic stand-alone system with a high pressure solvent delivery pump, an UV/VIS detector, a manual injection valve, a solvent tray, a column and a chromatography workstation. This system enables you to choose different pump heads to choose between analytical application to Semi-preparative application. Due to the internal HPG design, it is very convenient to expand this system up to quaternary high pressure gradient by add additional uniform pumps!

# Parts Description Quantity
1 P3000 HPLC pump with 10ml pump head SS *1 1
2 UV3000 UV-VIS Spectral photometer with analytical flow cell *2 1
3 Rheodyne manual injection valve (20μl sample loop *3) 1
4 CXTH-3000 Chromatography workstation 1
5 Test column C18, 250x4.6, 10μm 1
6 Start-up kit, analytical 1
7 Solvent tray 1
8 Accessories required *4 1
*1 Depending on the customer's application, the 50ml pump head can be chosen and brought also for the PEEK pumps head.
*2 Semi-preparative flow cells are available upon request.
*3 Additional sample loops are available upon request.
*4 For customers new to HPLC instruments, it's recommended to also purchase solvent filter, ultrasonic cleaner,and an AC regulated power supply.