This system is very helpful for complex compounds analysis using in HPG mode. The product features a large LCD screen display, gradient over 1000 can be programmed easily. All parts connected with mobile phase can be changed by PEEK or Titanium material to meet the compatibility of Biochemical field as well as semi-preparative usage! The excellent gradient accuracy and precision ensure the best analysis reproducibility.

# Parts Description Quantity
1 P3000 HPLC pump with 10ml pump head SS *1 1
2 UV3000 UV-VIS Spectral photometer with analytical flow cell *2 1
3 Rheodyne manual injection valve (20μl sample loop)*3 1
4 CXTH-3000 Chromatography workstation 1
5 Test column C18, 250×Φ4.6, 10μm 1
6 Start-up kit, analytical 1
7 Solvent tray 1
8 Accessories required *4 1
*1 Depending on the customer's application, the 50ml pump head can be chosen and brought also for the PEEK pumps head.
*2 Semi-preparative flow cells are available upon request.
*3 Additional sample loops are available upon request.
*4 For customers new to HPLC instruments, it's recommended to also purchase solvent filter, ultrasonic cleaner,and an AC regulated power supply.