An all-digital upgrade from UV2000
UV2000 is a spectrophotometer detector with adjustable wavelength and PC control. It can be widely used in chemical analysis, pesticide, pharmacy and chemistry etc. Chromatographic measurement can be carried out at a selected wavelength between 190 and 700 nm.
Wavelength Range 190-700 nm
Light Source Deuterium lamp (standard)
Tungsten-Halogen lamp (optional)
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength Reproduction 0.4 nm
Detection Range 0-2 AU
Baseline Noise < 1.5×10-5 AU/h
Dynamic flow rate 1ml/min
methanol/water=80/20, Wavelength 254 nm
Baselin Drift < 4×10-4 AU/h
Dynamic flow rate 1ml/min
methanol/water=80/20, Wavelength 254 nm
Time Constants 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10 s
Analog Output ±0.1 ±1.0 ±10V (VIP)
Integrator Output 16 grades adjustable
Auto zero Full Range
Digital Data Output RS232 Interface
Display 320 × 240 latticed LCD screen display, adjustable blue background light
Power 220V/110V °10%, 50HZ/60Hz, 60W
Dimensions and Weight 398 mm × 149 mm × 267 mm (W×H×D),14kg
GLP Support Detailed reports with lamp operation time, number of lamp ignitions and further service information.
Order Information
Order # Article Quantity
C2002 UV/VIS Spectro-photometer Detector UV3000 1
C2101 Deuterium lamp with base 1
C2102 Tungsten-Halogen lamp with base 1
C2103 Analytical Flow Cell 1
C2104 Semi-Preparative Flow Cell 1