P2000 HPLC Pump is new generation pump that uses CPLD technology and is controlled by a microprocessor. It comes with high precision and high accuracy based on fully digital frequency generation system, advanced motor driver system and friendly user's interface. The design combines technology from the most advanced pumps in the world so that longer lifetime of the instrument can be guaranteed. The P2000 pump can be controlled by front panel keys as well as a PC using communication protocol. The flow rate calibration can be processed anytime by the firmware that ensures the user to obtain the best analysis reproducibility and high measurement accuracy. In one word, the P2000 pump is compact and reliable with the best price.
Delivery method double pistons, main & auxiliary
Pump head options 10ml SS/PEEK analytical
50ml SS/PEEK semi-preparative
Maximum working presure 10ml pump head: 42Mpa for SS / 30Mpa for PEEK
50ml pump head: 30Mpa for SS / 20Mpa for PEEK
Flow Range 10ml pump head: 0-10 ml/min
50ml pump head: 0-50 ml/min
Flow rate accuracy RSD ≤ 0.5% (measurement at 1ml/min)
Flow rate precision RSD ≤ 0.1% (measurement at 1ml/min)
Display 2×12 characters; blue background color
Protection Pmax & Pmin
Data automatically saved after power down
System connection 1/16" capillaries
Control by front keypad(stand-along mode)
by PC (using RS232 communication protocol)
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz, 400W
Dimensions and weight 398 mm × 149 mm × 267 mm, 10Kg
Order Information
Order # Article Quantity
C1001 P2000 HPLC pump with 10ml stainless steel pump head 1
C1002 P2000 HPLC pump with 10ml PEEK pump head 1
C1003 P2000 HPLC pump with 50ml stainless steel pump head 1
C1004 P2000 HPLC pump with 50ml PEEK pump head 1