AP-900 NANO Laser Particle Size Analyzer
AP-900 dynamic light scattering nanometer particle size analyzer is based on the dynamic light scattering principle. It’s also the 1st one which uses digital correlator in China. It adopts great performance of Japan HAMAMATSU photomultiplier and self-developed high speed digital correlator as core parts, get diffusion coefficient by test scattering light change in some angle, and calculate particle diameter and distribution according to stokes-Einstein equation. The machine is with characters of fast calculation, high resolution ration, good accuracy and repeatability; therefore, it’s widely used in company & university product labs.

Its application includes: Nano metallic oxide, Nano metallic powder, Nano ceramic material, protein, polymer latex, preparation of pharmaceutical, water/oil emulsion, paint, coating material, pigment, ink, toner, cosmetics and other fields of research, preparation and others.

Measuring range 1 - 10,000 nm
Concentration range 0.1mg/ml - 100mg/ml
Accuracy <1%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Repeatability <1%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Light Source Semiconductor laser λ= 532nm P=30mW
Detector photo-multiplier
Scattering angle 90°
Light Source 1-4mL
Temperature control 5-40 °C (temperature controller within 0.1°C)
Operation Mode Full automatic/ manual control
Optical Calibration System Automatic
Testing speed <5 Min