AP-500 Intelligent Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer
AP-500 is an intelligent dry laser particle size analyzer, manual and full automatic operation modes, MIE scattering principle as basic, converging light Fourier transform light path, highly stable He-Ne laser and high sensitive ring photoelectric detector, guarantee good repeatability and accuracy. It uses air as dispersion medium, and uses turbulent dispersion principle with high precision feeding device, patent powder spray pump and oil-free silent gas source guaranteeing the samples to be fully dispersed. It’s fit for any dry powder materials, especially the powder that takes chemical reaction with water or changes its shape in liquid. Compared to the wet laser particle size analyzer, It’s with the same accuracy and repeatability.

AP-500 is widely used for cement, ceramic, medicine, dope, dye, padding, chemical products, catalyst, braize, dust, additive, pesticide, explosive, graphite, photosensitive material, fuel, metal and nonmetal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other powder materials. It has unique applicability and practicability, especially for those occurs chemical reactions, change shapes and loss in liquid, such as Chinese herbal medicine, magnetic materials and powder industry with wide distribution and large particle size.

Measuring range 0.1 - 2000μm
Channels Number 100
Accuracy <1%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Repeatability <1%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Light Source High performance He-Ne Laser (λ= 632.8nm, P>2MW) Lifetime>25000hours
Dispersion Method Dry-turbulence dispersion mode, normal shock wave shear technique
Operation Mode Full automatic/ manual control
Feeding Full automatic
Optical Calibration System Automatic
Testing speed <1min/time
Software Function Analysis mode: Free Distribution, R-R Distribution, Logarithm Normal Distribution, Mesh number classification etc. Automatically control water inflow, dispersion, test and analysis. Better Repeatability after remove human-factor