AP-400 Intelligent Full Automatic Wet & Dry Laser Particle Size Analyze
AP-400 is an intelligent full automatic laser particle size analyzer, adopt MIE scattering principle, which is an integrated model of wet and dry dispersion system. It’s the prior choice for industrial production quality control departments and research institutions which have more types of particles and wide particle size distribution.

AP-400 is widely used in cement, ceramics, medicines, lotions, paints, dyes, pigments, fillers, chemicals, catalysts, drilling mud, abrasives, lubricants, coal, sediment, dust, cells, bacteria, food additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photographic materials, fuel, ink, metal and non-metal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin, coal slurry and other powdered materials.

Principle Laser scattering principle
Measuring range Dry: 0.1 - 1200μm Wet: 0.01 - 1200μm
Channels Number Dry:80 Wet: 97
Accuracy <1%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Repeatability <1%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Light Source He-Ne laser P>3.0 MW, Auxiliary laser: semiconductor P>2.0MW lifetime>25000hours
Operation Mode Full automatic
Testing speed Wet: <2 Min per time, Dry : <1min per time