AP-200 Static Image Particle Size Analyzer
AP-200 is a special instrument for particle size distribution and particle shape analysis. The instrument combines well-designed professional-grade optical microscope and camera to obtain particles information, using a computer image analysis technology to analyze and process, thereby determining the particle size distribution and particle morphology. AP-200 is easy to operate, the image is clear, and the intuitive measurement resolution is up to 0.1 micron / pixel. It can be widely used in new product research and development, technology control and quality inspection of universities, research institutes and enterprises.

AP-200 static particle image analyzer can be used in cement, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, paints, dyes, pigments, fillers, chemical products, catalysts, coal, sediment, dust, flour, food additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photographic materials, fuel , metal and non-metal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other powder industry.

Measuring range 1 - 6000μm
Resolution 0.1 μm
Repeatability <3%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Digital Camera (CCD) 3 million pixels
Segmentation Speed <1s
Segmentation Success Rate >98%
Operation Win PC control
Microscope max Amplification 4000
Software Function Take the sample morphology into high resolution JPG image; Automatic elimination of particle adhesion, noise point, boundaries incomplete particles, Automatically fill the hollow area and automatic smooth grain boundaries, etc. 12 automatic processing tools. After the adoption of national standards calibrated micrometer, simply select each test scale corresponds with the objective value can directly get the actual size of the value of the particles.