AP-100 Dynamic Image Particle Size Analyzer
AP-100 is a professional dynamic image particle size analyzer, which widely use to abrasive, oil and gas and other industries. It adopts closed large depth of field-telecentric light path and constrained flat groove sample pool to improve clarity of particles.

AP-100 dynamic image particle size analyzer can be widely used in quality control, R&D, and laboratories for alternative screening analysis. The application area includes glass, ceramics, carbon products, catalysts, foods, metal powders, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and etc.

Optical path Telecentric optical system design
Measuring range 1 - 3000μm
Optical lighting Industrial High Brightness LED spot illuminator
Repeatability <3%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
Image Resolution 1920*1080
Software function Manage data according to task, ensure good order. Capture video and pictures anytime, reserve required video data. Capture and handle photos at same time without the memory restrictions, to obtain more accurate data by processing massive picture.