ABT-1700 Filter Paper cleanliness analyzer
ABT-1700 filter paper cleanliness analysis system (hereinafter referred to as ABT-1700) is an automated image analysis system for residual particles on the filter paper. ABT-1700 system has been optimized for rapid, accurate and precise operation. Software and hardware components selected are to reduce the complexity and improve the amount of data. The system is composed of microscope, digital cameras, electric object stage, controllers, and sample fixing device, which can meet customer’s demand for optical resolution, lighting, and the amount of data.

Test Item Specification Test Item Specification
Size range 1-10,000μm Particle number >1,000,000
Magnification 100 - 500X Scanned area 5.5x4.5 cm
Measuring time <5 minutes Omission ratio <3% (no missing detection for particles more than 10 microns in size)