ABT-1001 intelligent Powder Characteristic Tester
Through automatic control technology, CCD camera technology and touch screen technology, ABT-1001 intelligent powder characteristic tester makes physical properties measurement into the age of science, intelligent and precision. Specific test items includes angle of repose, angle of collapse, tap density, bulk density, flowability index, etc. The instrument has characteristics of high intelligence, multiple purposes, easy operation, good repeatability, flexible and diverse measurement condition, suitable for various standards, etc. The successful development of the instrument provides a scientific method for precision measurement of powder physical property.

Pharmaceutical, battery material, powder coating, non-metallic mine, graphite, food, nonferrous metals, powder engineering design, powder property study and teaching, etc.

Test Item Specification Test Item Specification
Angle of Repose 0-90°, test by image method Bulk Density Fixed volume method or fixed weight method
Angle of Collapse 0-90°, test by image method Tap Density Fixed volume method or fixed weight method
Angle of Difference 0-90°, automatic calculation Uniformity Index: 0-15, automatic calculation
Flat Plate Angle 0-99+°(theoretical value)test by image method Cohesion Index: 0-15, automatic calculation
Dispersibility Index: 0-25, automatic calculation Flowability Index Index: 0-15, automatic calculation
Compressibility Index: 0-25, automatic calculation Floodability Index Index: 0-100, automatic calculation
Voidage 0-100%(theoretical value)automatic calculation Sieve Size 45-3,000μm, automatic calculation