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AA7000 Scanning Electron Microscope

Angstrom Advanced AA7000 Scanning Electron Microscope is a true multi-purpose, multi-user SEM. It excels in versatility and flexibility by combining high performance in all SEM modes & Particle counter with ease of operation in a multi-user materials research environment. On this instrument, there is a perfect balance between stable configuration and an excellent resolution.



3nm @ 30kV SE


10X ~Max. 300,000X (Additional digital Zoom 2X/4X/8X)

Acceleration Voltage

0.6KeV ~ 30KeV

Visual Inpection Source

Electron induced Display (Tungsten Hair Pin Type)

Probe Current

1pA ~ Max. 8uA

Bean Control

Beam Shift : X/Y=250um, Beam Rotation: 360°

SE Detector

High Sensitivity SE detector

Image Signal process

Area(640x480), Inspection (960X640, 1024x768, 2048x1536) Photo Mode (2048x1536 ~ 8192x6144)

Work-Piece Positioning

Tilted Holder 0°~60° (Max 90°)

5 Axis Stage Movement Stroke

X/Y/Z/=40/40/40mm Tilt: 0~60° Rotation=360° Option: Stage Motorization (3 Axis-X/Y/R)

Vacuum system

Full Automation (or Manual Mode) Rotary Pump & Turbo Pump Convection Gauge(Pirani + Penning Gauge)


Air-Cylinder type anti-vibrator included in frame. Air or Any gas supply such as N2 line required at Lab site

Control Rack

PC Environmental Operation Operating system : Windows Serial communication: control data interface

Display System

22” LCD monitor


3 Port (For EDX, WDX, Etc.). Port Sufficient for all detector & Up-gradation

GUI& Tools

BSE Mode Converter Switch(BSE, EDX, ETC.) Pixel averaging scan/ Photo Scan/ etc. Measurement (Angle, Area, Horizontal. Vertical, Width, Cross, Box) Simple Measuring function by using Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Diagonal Lines, Boxes, Angle, Area, etc. Annotation (Symbol Such Circle, Boxes, Line, Arrowed, Line), Image Shift & Image Rotation(Raster Rotation) Image Compression / Compression Type : BMP, JPEG, Data Including Magnification, Working Distance, KV & Mark Bar. Thumbnail Image Display

Image Processor

Length/Min.dia/Max dia/Circularity/Eccentricity/Excel Data/Graph Data export to Excel file with original Image Free Line Measurement, Grain analysis Various User Define Filters Image Tiling AOI(Area Of Interest) Particle Counter (Blob Analysis)

Automatic Control

Auto Brightness/ Contrast Multi Focus & Dynamic Focus Auto Focus/ Auto stigmator/ etc. Auto Emission Beam Current Raster Rotation (Mouse Adjustment) Cathode Using Time ( Life Time)) Mouse Control(Dragging or Scroll Methodology)

Chamber Volume

Dia810 X190 (H) mm port for: SE, BSE, EDS, CCD